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The Entity (1982) – Episode 71 Monster Movie Podcast

Join us this week as we revisit  The Entity (1982)  from director Sidney J. Furie and writer Frank De Felitta adapting the true tale of Carla Moran who was convinced she was being haunted and abused by a violent, unseen spirit. A shocker in its day, the film lives up to the hype providing scares, thrills and shocking horror. Sure, the ending is bent, but getting there is impressive.

“A Story So Shocking, So Threatening, It Will Frighten You Beyond All Imagination. The ultimate story of supernatural terror! “

The Black Saint (Decades of Horror: 1970s podcast) steps into the Eighties with Doc Rotten and very special guest host, award winning director Christopher G. Moore (Foodie, Disengaged) to discuss the disturbing and controversial film  The Entity.  Charles Berstein is recognized for his imposing, frightening score and Barbara Hershey delivers an Oscar-worthy performance.

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Episode 71 — The Entity (1982)  
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The Entity  is an often overlooked haunted house picture due to a combination of its own subject matter and the arrival of the mega-hit juggernaut, Poltergeist. But this film deserves to be remembered and re-watched. Even after 30 years, the effects and the story remain terrifying and unbelievable. The directions, the cinematography and the acting is above par. But, damn, that ending nearly destroys everything. Check out The Black Saint, Christopher G. Moore and Doc Rotten’s discussion on this highly volatile film.

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