In the Mouth of Madness (1995) – Episode 39 – Decades of Horror 1990s and Beyond

“Do you read Sutter Cane?” It’s the question on everyone’s lips. Well, everyone except John Trent (Sam Neill), an insurance investigator out to find the truth. Always has the upper hand on any situation, including the disappearance of mmega-successfulhorror author Sutter Cane (Jürgen Prochnow). Of course, the world of Cane has so much more to reveal to Trent. Sights that may just make his head explode into a million pieces… or just wander in an endless existence. Whatever is the will of the Elder Gods behind it all. Join us as we sink further In the Mouth of Madness for Decades of Horror 1990s And Beyond!

Decades of Horror 1990s And Beyond
Episode 39 – In the Mouth of Madness (1995)

In the Mouth of Madness was quite the departure for John Carpenter. Coming of the heels of the disastrous turn to comedy that was Memoirs of the Invisible Man, this Lovecraftian dip into unimaginable horror wasn’t quite what usually fit the image of Carpenter’s filmography. Then again, maybe it did? The mysterious terror of Halloween‘s “The Shape”, the cosmic unknown realms of Prince of Darkness and the underground society of those controlling us in They Live have Lovecraftian themes. In the Mouth of Madness just made it all the more literal with direct references to the works of HP Lovecraft and some demonic Eldrich Gods added into the mix.

To comment on all of this madness, Thomas Mariani inlists Caitlin Turner, Adam Thomas and Paul Cardullo to talk In the Mouth of Madness. It’s a Lovecraftian Lovefest as the four all praise this as one of Carpenter’s more underrated works. Paul praises the lack of what we see from the monsters. Adam considers Sam Neill’s performance to be only second to Jurassic Park. Caitlin praises the ability to adapt Lovecraft without being a direct adaptation. Thomas is just staring deep into Sutter Cane’s blue dueling pupils. Visit Caitlin’s book blog mentioned in the show here and about The Hateful Life and Spiteful Death of The Man who Was Vigo the Carpathian here.

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Event Horizon (1997) – Episode 7 – Decades of Horror 1990s

“You can’t leave. She won’t let you.” Sam Neill as Dr. William Weir warns as the intrepid crew of the Lewis and Clark tries to escape the endless abandoned void of the Event Horizon. Director Paul W.S. Anderson’s first dip into the horror genre is one that directly clashes with the endless void of space. Where terror can’t be heard in the airless vacuum of the outside world. It’s almost like Alien… Meets Hellraiser. Or a hell of a lot of other things meets Hellraiser. Can Thomas Mariani and his own intrepid guest escape the horrors of space? Only time will tell.

Decades of Horror 1990s
Episode 07 – Event Horizon (1997)

Celebrating 20 years since its release, Event Horizon presents an interesting crossroads for big budget horror. Coming out right after the death nail of the slasher genre yet before films like Blade or Paul W.S. Anderson’s Resident Evil franchise took the genre to ridiculous actions heights, Event Horizon is a curious beast of pop culture pastiche. You’ve got bits of AlienThe Shining2001 A Space Odyssey, Lovecraftian horror, Galaxy of Terror and so much other stuff wrapped into one bizarre package. One that was clearly sliced on the cutting room floor as much as the doomed crew of the Lewis and Clark end up being. Yet, despite the clear homage influences, there’s really no other film like Event Horizon. It’s a big budget gorefest with a cross reference of character actor talent like Sam Neill and Laurence Fishburne throwing everything at the screen and seeing what sticks. Surprisingly, it’s a more favorable ratio than you’d think.

Joining Thomas on this mission is Will Torres. Will may have been at the mercy of a sloppy internet connection. Damn Skype. However, his knack for snark and quick wit still shines through as he and Thomas list out the various homages Anderson sneaks, wonder how arousing the infamous blood orgy video really is and try to link together the missing character beats lost to the severe edits. Things may be choppy in terms of audio quality, but it doesn’t stop Will and Thomas from descending into space madness aboard the barely functioning ship that is Decades of Horror 1990s. Seriously, it’s being kept together by duct tape and gum. You can read more of Will’s antics via his twitter account Nazhair.

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