Halloween (1978) – Episode 82 – Decades of Horror 1970s

“I met this… six-year-old child with this blank, pale, emotionless face, and… the blackest eyes – the Devil’s eyes.” There’s absolutely no doubt you know who says that and who he is talking about. Join your faithful Grue Crew – Doc Rotten, Chad Hunt, Bill Mulligan, and Jeff Mohr – as they prepare for 2018’s neo-sequel by taking a nostalgic, but fear-filled trip back to Haddonfield and the first time he came back. Yup, it’s the big one. They’re talking Halloween (1978).

Decades of Horror 1970s
Episode 82 – Halloween (1978)

Whether or not you knew about John Carpenter before the release of Halloween, you certainly knew about him after its release. There have been a total of 10 Halloween films, 9 of which include the fellow with the “blank, pale, emotionless face, and … the blackest eyes – the Devil’s eyes,” but the first one is by far the best.

Carpenter’s and Debra Hill’s script takes its time developing a place in time and space and with people that feel familiar and even comfortable, making the presence of The Shape all the more menacing. Establishing the characters and relationships of the three girls – Jamie Lee CurtisP.J. Soles, and Nancy Kyes – adds to the familiarity and comfortableness of the world the filmmakers have created. Donald Pleasence’s performance as Dr. Loomis exponentially ramps up the feelings of dread and Nick Castle’s performance as The Shape reinforces the idea of the presence of pure evil. Combine the script and the acting with Carpenter’s direction, his landmark, chill-inducing score, and Dean Cundey’s cinematography, and Halloween becomes one of the top horror films of the 1970s.

Of course, the members of the Decades of Horror 1970s Grue Crew shout their praises for Halloween. Chad is impressed by Jamie Lee Curtis’ portrayal of Laurie Strode as the somewhat shy, good hearted girl without a boyfriend who obviously isn’t very experienced at smoking pot, but is a formidable opponent for The Shape. Jeff points out the time the filmmakers take to create suspense and dread, for example, Laurie’s 90-second walk across the street to come to her girlfriends’ aid. Cundey’s and Carpenter’s shot construction and camera movement earn Bill’s admiration. For Doc, it’s also about the time taken for each kill, building tension to the breaking point.

Yes, the lot of them slobbered and drooled their appreciation and love all over Halloween throughout the podcast. What did you expect? Frankly, this classic deserves a few more viewings in preparation for its new sequel, Halloween (2018).

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Terror Train (1980) – Episode 127 – Decades of Horror 1980s

“Did you say ‘all aboard’? That’s ridiculous! They can’t be bored. I haven’t even started.” Ed (Howard Busgang) does his best Groucho impression to annoy the train staff… and everyone else. Ed is just one of many slasher archetypes that populate the Terror Train on New Year’s Eve. Every college kid is wearing a different costume. The perfect claustrophobic area for a killer to hide. Can our heroine Alana (Jamie Lee Curtis) survive the night and get to the next stop? Take a listen to find out!

Decades of Horror 1980s
Episode 127 – Terror Train (1980)

Terror Train was one of the early examples of the post-Halloween slasher boom of the 80s. Everyone was trying to take their crack at a contained low budget slasher. So, Canada figured “Why not have one take place on a train, eh?” Terror Train also manages to subvert a few things that others in the genre would stick to, mainly by not restricting the slasher to one costume. Our villain jumps from one outfit to the next in order to avoid detection. It’s a real case of misdirection with our killer…one that mirrors the magic on display throughout.

Doc Rotten, Christopher G. Moore, and Thomas Mariani are here to dissect all the magic of Terror Train. Or perhaps, lack thereof. There are a few moments of surprise here. Mainly with how many familiar faces of the 80s pop up. Keep your eyes peeled for The Wild Bunch‘s Ben Johnson, model Vanity, and Ellis from Die Hard himself Hart Bochner. And of course, magician David Copperfield. Then again, Terror Train stops dead many times to give him a spotlight, so he’s hard to miss. The trio also discusses the direction, the kills and of course its place in the decade. Some are fans, others aren’t. You’ll just have to listen to find out who is who. The answers may shock you.

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The Fog (1980) – Episode 122 – Decades of Horror 1980s

“You are weird. Thank God you’re weird. The last one was so normal, it was disgusting.” Elizabeth Solley (Jamie Lee Curtis) loves herself some weirdos. Including the weirdest man of all: Tom Atkins without a mustache! Halloween is getting pretty foggy for Decades of Horror 1980s as they one of the first horror films of the decade: John Carpenter’s The Fog. Hopefully, our intrepid hosts can avoid being sucked in the misty moors of Antonio Bay in time for the 100th-anniversary celebration. Or, the very least, with enough time to catch Stevie Wayne’s (Adrienne Barbeau) late-night broadcast. Join us as the Halloween Haunts season ends!

Decades of Horror 1980s
Episode 122 – The Fog (1980)

The Fog is pretty interesting on a career path level for Carpenter. Post the major success of Halloween, but before he would rule the 1980s with a varying amount of genre work. The Fog sticks out a bit more. A ghost story without much gore, inst of ad using atmosphere to build up the tension rather than excessive violence that would color the slasher craze later that very year. It’s an ethereal spooky example of how to build up the environment of Antonio Bay, allowing for silhouettes of the monsters to play horrific tricks on our eyes and creep us out just when it’s too late.

To discuss everything The Fog, Christopher G. Moore, Doc Rotten and Thomas Mariani discuss everything in the misty moors that remain unseen. They debate the effectiveness of some of these characters, how much this is a Carpenter movie and ask where the ghost of Atkins’ moustache really is. Plus, they wonder just how American Christopher Lee could possibly be. It’s a spooky Halloween edition you won’t want to miss! Stay in and tune the radio from Stevie Wayne’s channel to hear it all!

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The Pyramid – Z Nation – Episode 88 – Horror News Radio

The final theatrical horror film of 2014 is The Pyramid from director Gregory Levasseur featuring Ashley Hinshaw and Denis (American Horror Story) O’Hare. The film takes a small band of archaeologists and documentary film makers to the deserts of Egypt where they have discovered a three sided Pyramid on unknown origin. They venture into the apex of the mysterious man made marvel only to encounter the unholy horrors that lie beneath. The HNR grue crew review the film.

Doc shares the horror news of the week with news about Marvel’s Doctor Strange, Toho’s Godzilla and Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens. Doc also desperately tries to champion the season finale of SyFy’s Z Nation.

Co-hosts Doc RottenSantos (The Black Saint) Ellin Jr., Dave Dreher, Thomas Mariani and Vixen, the voice of reason, are back again this week to give you the best in horror as they recap, review and obliterate all that is horror this week! All this and Stump the Saint too! It’s a perfect world.

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Episode 88 – The Pyramid – Z Nation Season Finale
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Review: The Pyramid (2014) 

Producer Alexandre Aja delivers dangerous mazes, flesh hungry Sphinx creature and Anubis in his latest film The Pyramid. While the film delivers a bevy of gory effects but fails to bring much scares or horror. While Doc and Vixen find enough to entertain them for the 89 minute run time, The Black Saint can’t help but wonder why they remade As Above, So Below. Bwah hah hah.

What Have You Been Watching: Z Nation season finale 

Dave and Doc freely admit they have been following Asylum’s Z Nation airing on SyFy. Despite the low budget and cheesy approach to the show, Z Nation is consistently fun, in their opinion. The Black Saint, Thomas and Vixen refuse to believe them. So sad. Doc shares his thoughts on the finale of the first season of Z Nation.

Horror News of the Week for 12/08/2014 

Doc steps in to bring you the Horror News of the Week with news of who has been cast as Marvel’s Doctor Strange, let’s welcome Benedict Cumberbatch to the fold. Toho announced this week that they will be returning to their hottest property Godzilla in 2016. Jamie Lee Curtis is joining Emma Roberts in Ryan Murphy’s upcoming 2015 horror comedy Scream Queens. It appears that Mrs. Voorhees is returning to the Friday the 13th franchise come November 13, 2015. Tom Holland and Tim Sullivan announce TnT Presents featuring a re-release of Child’s Play.

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