Demonwarp (1988) – Episode 136 – Decades of Horror 1980s

“There’s a thing… out here. It took my little girl. I wasn’t prepared to stop it then but I’m gonna stop it now.” George Kennedy as Bill Crafton warns David Michael O’Neill, Pamela Gilbert, and Billy Jacoby about a demon Bigfoot creature roaming the woods. Little do they know that director Emmett Alston has far more in store for them than a furry Wendigo beast – hidden in a cave are zombies, spaceships, aliens, and a cult leader sacrificing nubile young women. What the what? Thankfully George has his awesome yellow hat. Woot!

Decades of Horror 1980s
Episode 136 – Demonwarp (1988)

Released in 1988, Demonwarp originated from the twisted mind of John Carl Beuchler – who was originally set to direct but left production to tackle Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood. Who can blame him? Acadamy Award winner George Kennedy spends 3 days on set to give the film some pedigree. The film promises Bigfoot vs George Kennedy and it delivers that regardless of how good – or bad – the Bigfoot looks. Thankfully we also have Michelle Bauer on hand to liven up the scenery.

Christopher G. Moore, Doc Rotten, and Dave Dreher gather to take a look at Demonwarp perhaps one of the stranges monster movies of the Eighties. Christopher and Doc share watching the film on the big screen recently at the Raleigh Alamo Drafthouse theater in all its VHS glory – a perfect way to experience this goofy wonky classic. Dave remembers grabbing this one off the rental shelves in 1988 and was thrilled to revisit this schlockfest. Settle in and listen to the Grue-Crew recap and review a rare, hard-to-find Mom-and-Pop VHS shop staple.

A vengeance-crazed hunter searching for his daughter…Five youths stalking an inhuman mutation…They have just stepped into the alien-spawned realm of Demonwarp…and a wave of unearthly terror is about to begin

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The Burning


The Legend of Boggy Creek (1972) – Episode 66 – Decades of Horror 1970s

“The Fouke Monster always travels the creek…” the narrator of The Legend of Boggy Creek (1972) describes the nocturnal patterns of the Bigfoot-like creature spotted in Arkansas. The movie exploded onto the big screen and drive-in theaters nationwide in 1972 to the box office tune of $20 million big ones. And sparked a national fascination with the hairy cryptozoological monster. Doc Rotten and Jeff Mohr are joined by Chad Hunt and Bill Mulligan, along with HNR co-host Dave Dreher, to discuss what may be the most influential Bigfoot movie of the Seventies.

Decades of Horror 1970s
Episode 66 – The Legend of Boggy Creek (1972)

The first film from director Charles B. Pierce, The Legend of Boggy Creek, is also one of the most successful b-movie Bigfoot movies of all time. The film is presented as a pseudo-documentary with non-actor recreating scenes where they encountered the beast from Fouke County, Arkansas. Pierce is also responsible for films such as The Town That Dreaded Sundown (1976), The Evictors (1979), and the sequel Boggy Creek II: And the Legend Continues (1984). Full of local color and more passion than panache, the film inspired a decade of Bigfoot frenzy, “In Search Of” style copy-cats, and – quite possibly – films like The Blair Witch Project. Perhaps best appreciated now by those who experienced the film “back in the day.” the film is a slow build to a showdown between a family and the Fouke Monster pounding at their door. Hurray for a frightened childhood of Bigfoot nightmares!

“Half-man, half-beast … a mysterious creature has been stalking the woods and waterways near Fouke, Arkansas since the 1940s” – the poster tagline get straight to the point needing little embellishment.

Dave Dreher, self-professed Bigfoot aficionado, joins the regular Grue-Crew to revisit The Legend of Boggy Creek. Like, Doc, Chad, and Bill, Dave caught the film during its original run, remembering fondly the effect it had on his much-younger self; Jeff, however, only just this week finally saw the film for the first time. Time has not been a friend to Boggy Creek. Oh, well. The team shares their impressions of the film, their experiences with it in 1972, and the influence it had on their fascination with film and cryptozoology. Dave also chimes in with a rundown of director Pierce’s accomplishments.

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Exists – Interview director Eduardo Sanchez – Episode 81 Horror News Radio

Exists (2014) director Eduardo Sanchez joins the HNR grue-crew to discuss his found footage Bigfoot movie, his approach to film making and his earlier film The Blair Witch Project. After a brief revisit to his other films, the director dives into how Exists film was made, reveals some secrets behind the Bigfoot and shares his love for horror and monster movies. It is a great interview with a talented director with an authentic appreciation and passion for the genre. And, he knows his Bigfoot.

Dave shares the horror news of the week with a new FOX TV show from Ryan Murphy called Scream Queens while the MTV Scream show will NOT include Ghostface from the movies. Dwerp.

Co-hosts Doc RottenSantos (The Black Saint) Ellin Jr., Dave Dreher, Thomas Mariani and Vixen, the voice of reason, are back again this week to give you the best in horror as they recap, review and obliterate all that is horror this week!  This week we announce the winner of the contest to win a fantastic Halloween mask from Ghoulish Productions.

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Episode 81 – Exists – Interview Director Eduardo Sanchez
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Film Review: Exists (2014) – Interview with director Eduardo Sanchez

Finally, we have a Bigfoot movie with some mighty pissed off Bigfoot in it. And all it right in the World. Doc, Dave, Santos and Vixen agree the film is incredible, worth the watch and may make it onto a few top 10 of 2014 lists. Director Eduardo Sanchez joins the show for a look at some behind the scene discussion about Exists, Bigfoot and the horror genre.

Horror News of the Week for 10/20/2014

Dave returns to bring you the Horror News of the Week with news of Ryan Murphy inventing Comedy Horror – oh, my – with his latest, upcoming TV show Scream Queen to some groan from the grue-crew. The reaction is mixed about the announcement that George Romero is backing his son’s (Cameron) directorial take on a prequel to Night of the Living Dead. Eli Roth is producing a remake of his film Cabin Fever – with the same script. More groans. MTV reveals that there will be no Ghostface in their Scream TV show. Groans continue. As much as we love Scream Factory, it saddens us greatly to discuss the recent screw ups, the one with Nightbreed in particular.

Contest: Ghoulish Productions presents the mask, Blurp Charlie

Horror News Radio is teaming up with Ghoulish Productions out of Atlanta, GA to give away an awesome and gruesome MASK just in time for Halloween! Check out the visual for BLURP CHARLIE! Oh, my! Fantastic! We have a winner! CONGRATULATIONS to Blake Erskine from South Carolina! Ghoulish Production is also offering an exclusive coupon for all HNR listeners to save 10% off your entire order, just type in the coupon code HNR to get your discount! Just head over to to check out all the kick ass masks.

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