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Videodrome (1983) — Episode 120 — Decades of Horror 1980s

“Long Live The New Flesh!” Max Renn (James Woods) makes his declaration of rebellion against  Videodrome, the very thing he’s become so attached to. But is he really rebelling against the system or merely another cog in the machine? It’s a question people often ask themselves every day with no easy answers. Luckily, those answers can come from the most unlikely of places. One such place  is Decades of Horror 1980s! Hop into your connected device and hear just how depressing the world we live in really is. Hooray!

Decades of Horror 1980s
Episode 120 – Videodrome (1983)

Videodrome  didn’t make much of a blip for Canadian writer/director David Cronenberg’s career.  Fresh off the heals of the cult success of  The Brood  and  Scanners  yet just before the mainstream explosion of  The Dead Zone  and  The Fly,  Videodrome  quietly came in and out of theaters in 1983. The heavy horror sci-fi concept of a TV smut peddler hallucinating technology nightmares didn’t seem to attract audiences at the time. Yet with time, this audacious subversion of narrative, time and culture became a cult hit that resonates even more in the ages long since Betamax was a viable platform.

Well, at least for some. This episode features a pretty clear divide for who can stand Cronenberg’s  Videodrome. But who could be the dissenter  in the crowd? Did Doc Rotten appreciate the cynical bitter pills which needed swallowing? Can Christopher G. Moore tolerate the gross-out body horror on display? Will Thomas Mariani have issues with Debbie Harry not being her iconic Blondie self? Listen and find out for yourselves!

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