From the director of PORKY’S, MURDER BY DECREE and A CHRISTMAS STORY comes a tale so terrifying, to frightening, you will “piss your pants.” CHILDREN SHOULDN’T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS is Bob Clark’s under-appreciated zombie classic from 1973. Not widely seen, but loved by most all who have seen it, the film bridges the gap between NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and EVIL DEAD.  The Black Saint and Doc Rotten tackle another groovy horror film from the 1970s.

Decades of Horror 1970s
Episode 12 – Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things (1973)

For Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things, Doc Rotten and The Black Saint are joined by Ormon Grimsby and Joseph Fittos to discuss Bob Clark’s oddball zombie flick from 1973. Ormon, the animated horror host from North Carolina, claims the film as one of his favorites, influential to both his love of horror films and his horror hosting personality. The Black Saint is not far behind him in his high praise and appreciation for this low budget must-see-film.

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