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Westworld (1973) — Episode 13 — Decades of Horror 1970s

Novelist, screen writer, director  Michael Crichton brings the iconic Westworld to cinema screens in 1973 set in an Disneyland-inspired amusement park where robots interact with guests enabling them to live out fantasies in environments long gone, Medieval World, Roman World and West World. A computer virus sends the robots on an uncontrolled path of death, destruction and mayhem. The Black Saint and Doc Rotten tackle another groovy horror film from the 1970s.

Decades of Horror 1970s
Episode 13 — Westworld (1973)

For Westworld, and in preparation for the forthcoming HBO series coming spring/summer 2015, The Black Saint and Doc Rotten revisit the classic science goes wrong cautionary tale that has since inspired Halloween, Terminator and Crichton’s own Jurassic Park. While Richard Benjamin and James Brolin are the leads in the film, Yul Brynner steals the entire film as the rogue robot “The Gunslinger” – which is a homage to his classic “Chris” character in The Magnificent Seven.

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Doc Rotten
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3 Replies to “Westworld (1973) — Episode 13 — Decades of Horror 1970s

  1. Great film. The scientist surrounded by all the old computers is the original Rudy Wells from the Six Million Dollar Man! I don’t know, I think the computers are kind of quaint. I also just re-watched Looker which is a mildly entertaining but totally cheesy comical piece of film making (On purpose or by accident?)

      1. About West World, it’s no wonder the robots malfunctioned……in one scene they are discussing the robots and one of the scientists (wells?) says “We really don’t know how they work….” Wouldn’t a tort lawyer love to hear that? That’s like saying “we really don’t know how this car works, but we’re gonna drive people around in it anyway”….ha. In addition, if the guests can not be hurt by the robots, why do they stage a violent fist fight in the saloon? -at this point, you should put your brain on freeze.

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