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Hellraiser (1987) — Episode 118 — Decades of Horror 1980s

“Jesus wept.” Frank/Larry Cotton (Andrew Robinson) lets his face stretch out in ecstasy as the cenobites finally take him. The lines between lust and death are thin in  Hellraiser, but Decades of Horror 1980s has much to say on the subject. Tune in as we try to solve the Lament Configuration to get these S&M demons out of here. Or is that a Rubix cube? We can’t even tell the difference! Let the weekly October haunts season of the show begin!

Decades of Horror 1980s
Episode 118 — Hellraiser (1987)

Hellraiser  is a unique beast in the genre for the 80s. A rare unflinching example of raw madness and beauty from the author behind the source material. Clive Barker may have been inexperienced, but boy did he know who to work with. With some kinky visuals and massive world building on a small budget,  Hellraiser  managed to create a universe worth exploring. It’s a shame they explored it in the way they did in the sequels. Still, the first film is a true masterwork. Gorgeous effects, engaging character perspectives and one of the iconic horror villains of all time in Pin… er, I mean “Lead Cenobite.”

To discuss all of this, Thomas Mariani and Christopher G. Moore welcome back Doc Rotten into the regular recording sphere to start off the weekly October haunts for 2017! 30 years after it premiered,  Hellraiser  still dazzles. The three discuss the unique antagonist perspective, the use of the Cenobites and the sexaul lines between pain and pleasure. It’s a doozy of a discussion that’ll have you spinning from the chains on the ceiling. You may not even want to get down from there!

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