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Logan’s Run (1976) – Episode 99 – Decades of Horror 1970s

“Last day. Capricorn 15’s. Year of the city – 2274. Carousel begins.” Normally, everyone loves a carousel, but you definitely don’t want a ride on this one. Join your faithful Grue Crew – Doc Rotten, Chad Hunt, Bill Mulligan, and Jeff Mohr – as they try to evade renewal (they’re all over 30, you know) while searching for Sanctuary in Logan’s Run.

Decades of Horror 1970s
Episode 99 – Logan’s Run (1976)

An idyllic science fiction future has one major drawback: life must end at the age of thirty


Logan’s Run is one of Doc’s favorites from his youth. Admitting it can be a bit silly, he still thinks the themes the film deals with make it worth your time. Chad is a lover of Logan’s Run too and just can’t get over the disposal method used for terminated runners. Jenny Agutter is the big draw for Bill (as it is for his crewmates). He also remarks how Star Wars (1977) forever lowered where Logan’s Run fit in the hierarchy of science fiction-fantasy films. Having grown up with the mantra, “Never trust anyone over 30,” it makes sense that Jeff is attracted to the film’s premise and even though he’s not a big Michael York fan, he loved the supporting cast, especially Peter Ustinov and Roscoe Lee Browne. Your Grue Crew recommend Logan’s Run as a must-watch science fiction/fantasy film of the 1970s. Besides, who doesn’t love vine-covered monuments in Washington, D.C. and a whimsical Peter Ustinov on the floor of Congress surrounded by cats?

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Jeff Mohr
Jeff lives smack dab in the middle of the cornfields of Iowa and is a long-time horror fan. His first remembered encounters with the genre were The Wizard of Oz, Tarzan gorilla chases, and watching the first broadcast of The Twilight Zone episode, "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge." While he now qualifies as an old fart, he strives to be an Old Boy. Paraphrasing Robert Bloch, he has the heart of a small boy. He keeps it in a jar on his desk. Jeff has written for and SQ Horror Magazine. He currently writes for Gruesome Magazine and is a co-host of the Decades of Horror podcasts - The Classic Era, 1970s, and 1980s - and the Gruesome Magazine Podcast.