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  1. Doc Rotten and crew, I would love to hear your review and comments on, “Chosen Survivors”. I saw the theatrical release as a 9 yr old back in ’74. It always stuck in my mind. I never saw it again as I dont think this film ever had a TV version. It was never released as VHS and I couldnt see it again until a few years ago Amazon released a craappy DVD version paired with a grade z sci fi flick. This past Oct 2016, the Blu Ray was released and it is on my Christmas list. It is a very dated 70’s theme and special effects movie. It does not scare the adult me the way it did that nine year old me, but it is a decent story and film. With some recognizable faces too. So, will you guys check it out?

  2. What I love about the 70’s podcast is the love you give bad movies. Beware The Blob and Night Of The Lepus episodes were terrific. Ever thought about doing something on 70’s Brit exploitation director Pete Walker? Frightmare is awesome!

    • Now that is an interesting suggestion? I have not seen this film (or any of his films, I don’t think) so this would be a terrific new experience. Pete Walker’s filmography is…unique. Somehow, I bet Bill Mulligan knows all about Mr. Walker. 🙂 We must do this soon then…. and, currently, it is streaming on both Amazon Prime and Shudder.

      Thank you for listening, M. Miskelly. And thank you for this wonderful suggestion.

      • Oh hey I just heard you’re doing Frightmare! I really hope you enjoy it. Loved the Boggy Creek episode, I need to dig that movie out of my collection.

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