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  • Russell Wagus

    You mentioned this in one of your podcasts. Here is a link.

  • Silvio La Frossia

    Doc Rotten and crew, I would love to hear your review and comments on, “Chosen Survivors”. I saw the theatrical release as a 9 yr old back in ’74. It always stuck in my mind. I never saw it again as I dont think this film ever had a TV version. It was never released as VHS and I couldnt see it again until a few years ago Amazon released a craappy DVD version paired with a grade z sci fi flick. This past Oct 2016, the Blu Ray was released and it is on my Christmas list. It is a very dated 70’s theme and special effects movie. It does not scare the adult me the way it did that nine year old me, but it is a decent story and film. With some recognizable faces too. So, will you guys check it out?

    • Richard Jaeckel, Bradford Dillman, Jackie Cooper?! I’m in.
      I think Santos has actually mentioned this one. Need to put this on the list.

      • Silvio La Frossia

        Thanks Doc. And also, Diana Muldaur!